Personal Log 3-9: All Hands on Deck!

How I Flunked Out of Starfleet Academy Part 9
“What do you think’s going on?” Christine whispered.
Alex typed on his pad while he talked. “I heard the Klingons finally attacked. It’s about time.”
We stood near the door to the shuttle dock. Lieutenant Hall directed cadets, now ensigns, to various shuttles based on the color of their pips. General Studies were relegated to waiting, like usual.
“Do you really think the Klingons would attack?” Christine asked me, her face pinched with worry lines.
Wyatt opened one eye a crack as he shifted his position. “We’d whup them if they did. And they know it. I’m sure this is just a drill cooked up by Admiral Williamson to keep us guessing.”
I couldn’t resist adding to the angst. “He’s trying to flush out that Romulan spy we heard about.”
Christine twisted her hands in her sleeves.
“Maybe the Andorrians have finally rebelled and we’re being sent to bring them back to the Federation. I always wanted to see some action.” Wyatt slouched against the wall.
Alex snapped his pad shut, sliding it into his pocket. “It’s the Klingons. I’ve been studying the situation for weeks now. When I’m not programming ship controls. They’re making a bid for the Naralax Sector. We can’t let them have it.”
“You programmed the ship’s controls?” Christine opened her eyes wide in terror. “We’re going to die for certain.”
Alex sputtered in outrage. I snickered.
Christine turned to me. “Why are they making us ensigns and sending us out in a decrepit old ship to fight? It doesn’t make sense.”
“Something big happened,” Wyatt said. “I think we’re about to find out what.”
Lieutenant Hall motioned us across the much emptier docking bay. Most of the shuttles had departed. “You four, shuttle sixteen. On the double. You’ll get your ship assignments when you arrive at the Voyager.”
We hurried across the docking bay to our assigned shuttle.
Alex was the first to board. He froze just inside the hatch. “It has to be the Klingons. They’re evacuating the entire Academy.”
I peered around him to see the shuttle full of officers and teachers. I pushed his shoulder. “They saved us the four seats at the very back. Move it, Alex. We aren't at war with the Klingons.” I wasn't too sure, but I kept my mouth shut. Alex panicked was better than Alex screaming and curling into a fetal position.
We took our seats and strapped in for takeoff.

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