Personal Log 2-5: Caligula

I stumbled in the grip of a bearded pirate following the other prisoners. He shoved me into the interrogation room, pushing me to my knees in front of a slender man in an impeccable leather suit.

“What is this?” The man stalked behind me, studying me as if I were an undesirable insect.

“Voyager Quartermaster,” Perry answered. “Her name is Adrian Stevens. That’s her assistant, Adam Turner.”

“They are a waste of air and resources. Put them out the airlock.” The man turned his back, his leather duster coat sweeping around his boots. “I am disappointed, Perry. A handful of quantum torpedoes and a box of outdated computer chips. Nothing useful for such a great risk. You have tipped your hand. You are of no use to me outside of StarFleet. You may join the quartermaster in the airlock.”

“It doesn’t work that way, Jon.” She smiled, fingering her comm badge. “I send the distress code and turn you over to the Voyager when they arrive. They have these coordinates.”

Caligula raised one dark eyebrow. “You play games? With me? Arrogant and a fool.”

“A safety precaution, nothing more. The Voyager will be here within the hour, following the trail I left, just in case. Captain Herring has information that Vasha and the Odyssey computer specialist were working together to steal the ship and betray him to the Romulans. StarFleet is looking for traitors. I planted incriminating evidence for them to find.”

Caligula studied Vasha and Evangeline. “Go on.”

Perry smiled, relaxing. “We take them to your base, extract what we need, then leave their bodies somewhere easy to find. You have not only quantum torpedoes to study, but the entire Delphi Protocol. Complete command of all Starfleet vessels, once it is installed and activated.”

Caligula flicked a glance at Turner and me. I dropped my gaze to the floor.

“Lock them in the brig. Set these two to scrubbing floors.” Caligula snapped his fingers at his guards. “And push Commander Perry out the airlock with nothing more than an hour of air.”

“Caligula! Is this how you honor your deals?” Perry rose to her feet.

“You betrayed my position to the Voyager. You wear an emergency locater. Let Captain Herring rescue you, if he so chooses. I will not tolerate even a hint of disloyalty from my people.”

“You can’t do this, Jon!”

“Watch me.” He flicked his hand to the door.

His guards dragged the screaming, swearing Perry from the room.

“Lieutenant Harken.” Caligula turned his attention to the petite brunette. “Do you perhaps have anything to say?”

She pulled the comm badge from her uniform. “What duties do you have for me?”

Caligula smiled, cold and calculating. “Very wise choice. You may assist the Quartermaster and her assistant. I wish the floors of this ship to shine.”

Personal Log 2-6: Caligula's Secret

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